Thursday, September 25, 2008


No, this blog hasn't been hacked!
The title means "translation" in Russian.

You guess it, I'll talk about the internationalization (abbreviated to i18n) of OpenERP.

Contrary to the 4.2.x version, the translations are now done by module. So, instead of an unique i18n folder for the whole application, each module has its own i18n folder. In addition, OpenERP can now deal with .po files as import/export format. The translation files of the installed languages are automatically loaded when installing or updating a module. OpenERP can also generate a .tgz archive containing well organised .po files for each selected module.

The reason why we did these changes is that we now use our launchpad project for manage the translations. Even if there are still some files awaiting to be reviewed by the launchpad team, you can start translate.

The ball is in your court now: translate !

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